Intellectual Property

Globe-Laws intellectual property practice is a core strength of the firm. Since the establishment of Globe-Law, the intellectual property department has been formed including divisions of patent department, trademark department, copyright department, intellectual property litigation department, research project department and international intellectual property department. Each department works in an independent way whilst keeping close cooperation. We have professional lawyers with extensive practice experience leading all departments. As a result of many years successful representation of clients and agency services, the intellectual property department of Globe-Law has earned wide recognition by clients.  In addition, Globe-Law has built good work relationships with government and justice departments such as the State Intellectual Property Office which has provided guarantees for clients in offering high-quality legal services.   

Not just having created achievements in intellectual property business, Globe-Law has also made innumerable accomplishments in intellectual property safeguarding business. Aside from this, Globe-Law has been the first one establishing the intellectual property custody business. Leading cases represented by Globe-Law intellectual property team include: 50 typical intellectual property cases of Chinese courts in 2015 (the case of Nei Liansheng trademark administrative dispute), 50 typical intellectual property cases of Supreme Peoples Court of the People's Republic of China in 2015 (the case of time-honored brand Tong Defus trademark and anti-unjustified competition), 10 typical cases of national patent reexamination board in 2013 (the Dyson patent invalid case), 10 typical intellectual property cases of Beijing in 2009 and 50 typical intellectual property cases of China in 2009 (the fire screen patent case), 10 typical foreign merchants intellectual property protection cases of Beijing in 2008 (the World Executive’s trademark and trade name conflict case) and 10 typical intellectual property cases of China in 2005 (the case of internet plug-ins of copyrights ).

The intellectual property department of Globe-Law has fruitful academic works. Since 2009, the book China Intellectual Property Index Report has been published for eight consecutive years which has been a significant reference material in researching intellectual property and economic development. This book has been an important legal document included by the world intellectual property organization (WIPO) every year and issued to the whole world.

Service Areas

Domestic and foreign patent application 

Patent reexamination and litigation 

Patent infringement litigation

Patent invalidation
Patent and patent technology license, assignment and monetization
Administrative investigating and treating of patent disputes

Domestic and foreign trademark registration application

Trademark administrative litigation

Trademark infringement litigation

Trademark review on refusal

Trademark invalidation

Trademark modification, assignment and renewal
Administrative investigation and punishment on trademark infringement
Recognition of well-known trademarks and famous trademarks

Recognition and protection of China time-honored brand

Domain name registration and dispute resolution

Copyright Registration (including computer software)

Copyright license

Copyright trade

Copyright protection

Solutions of copyright difficult problems and disputes

Intellectual property custody and intellectual property training

Outside counsel of intellectual property