Real Estate and Construction

Business concerning real estate and construction is a major practice area of Globe-Law. The real estate and construction department has been formed with the establishment of Globe-Law. We have disposed numerous litigation or non-litigation cases concerning real estate and gathered rich experience in dealing with cases in this area. We are on an advanced level and have rich experience in providing clients with legal services of real estate and construction business.

Service Areas

Reorganization of real estate company

State-owned land use right remise and transfer

Collectively-owned land expropriation and land acquisition, compensation and resettlement

Legal business on real estate construction project design, legal business on building project, legal business on supervision

Tendering and bidding, contract of construction project

Guarantee to keep real estate construction project in good repair

Legal business for real estate transaction

Forward sale, sale and mortgage of the commodity apartment

Real estate transfer including transaction of ready house, forward delivery housing and resold house

Property delivery and title filing, property management

House rent and mortgage