International Trade and Anti-dumping

The global development of economics, international trade, protection measures of trading and different countries’ regulatory policies have brought increasing legal issues and disputes. On the purpose of maintaining clients ‘interest and ensuring fair competition order, Gao wen global law firm itself is fully utilizing its talent advantages in this field as special agency for enterprises based locally and abroad in responding to complaints and making an appeal regarding anti-dumping, anti-subsidy, protection measures.

International trade department in Globe-Law Law Firm has very good cooperation with other prestigious law firms in local and abroad. Relying on the international law network, Globe-Law has the capability to provide comprehensive, prompt and accurate information regarding this area. In addition, Globe-Law global low firm is in close work contact with  Chinese Ministry of Commerce, different chambers of import and export trade, in order to build up a good foundation for related cases handling.

Service Areas

Participation and support in international trade negotiation
Draft and check-up of related legal documents

Foreign company in China to respond the complain of anti-dumping, anti-subsidy & investigation and review of protection measures

Trade barrier investigation

Import and export control related legal services

Customs laws

WTO regulation related Consulting

Dispute solution

Other legal services for international trade area