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Global-Law presented and addressed at IPBA 2017 Auckland Annual Meeting

    Global-Law lawyer Mr. Wang Zhengzhi and Ms. Liu Rong attended the 27th IPBA Annual Meeting held in Auckland, New Zealand from April 5 to April 9, 2017. The theme of this annual meeting is connectivity and convergence. Thousands of lawyers from the Pacific areas attended the meeting, and the main topics were internet, current transportation and the connectivity issues across nations of legal activities under the backdrop of escalating development of free trade.


Further discussions had been continued regarding hot issues in APEC like cross-boder banckruptcy remedy of maritime enterprises, arbitration and solutions of disputes, international commercial laws, tech media, telecommunications and intellectual property, tax laws in international commerce, cross-border investment, projects of international construction, energy resource and natural resources, laws and practice of anti-corruption.


    As mermbership of IPBA, Global-Law lawyer Mr. Wang Zhengzhi and Ms. Liu Rong addressed at the committee meeting subjected around APEC and cross-border bankruptcy of maritime enterprises. Themed as ‘Truth and Challenges: Middle and Small Sized enterprises in China’, Mr. Wang Zhengzhi introduced related policies pertinent to middle and small sized enterprises and the investment environment in China.  With the topic ‘Confilcts and Solutions of Maritime Enterprises in Bankruptcy’, Ms. Liu Rong intoduced conflicts between international and domestic laws regarding cross-border bankruptcy of CHinese maritime enterprises and solutions of the conflicts under the current laws. The two lawyers’ speeches received extensive attention and were higly praised in the meeting.

    Global-Law has attened IPBA and published professional speeches in consecutive 4 years since 2014. The meeting has strengthened connections between Global-Law and other lawyers around the world on one hand, and on the other, it has paved way for corss-border cooperation on legal service. Meanwhile, Global-Law has earned more knowledge and exprience in serving Chinese enterprises for overseas operations thorugh the meeting.